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Veterinary Recommended Treatment For Equine Splints


FAQ Equine Splints


What is Splintex?

Splintex is a topical water based emulsion. Shake well before using.

How does it work?

Splintex promotes the effective elimination of hot or cold splints in approximately two or four weeks of simple, topical daily application. True splints can be treated at any stage after injury although early treatment is best.

Does it cause discomfort to the horse?

Splintex accomplishes its purpose without causing burning, blistering or irritation to the horse.

Is Splintex veterinary recommended?

Yes. Splintex is veterinary recommended and the leading splint treatment worldwide since 1980

Is Splintex effective?

Research statistics and a track record since 1980 indicate that Splintex is totally effective. See Case Studies 1 & 2.

What is Splintex Silver?

Splintex Silver treats fresh splints on horses during layup. Bandaging is recommended.

What is Splintex Gold?

Splintex Gold treats older splints on horses that do not require layup unless the horse exhibits signs of clinical lameness. Gold can be used without interruption during conditioning, training, showing and every day use. Bandaging is optional.

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Splintex is a Warranted topical applied with provided leg brush and instructions.

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