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Veterinary Recommended Treatment For Equine Splints


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Horse Systems Inc. was incorporated in 1980 specifically to manufacture a treatment for splints occurring on the legs of horses. Splintex soon became the recommended treatment for splints as well as other indications worldwide.

Splints manifest themselves as swellings and bony enlargments located on the splint bones of both fore and hind legs of horses. Such factors as concussion, strain, conformation and nutrition may be the causes of splints.

Splints are at best unsightly blemishes detracting from the horse's appearance and most importantly, value. In cases, they may be the cause of clinical lameness.


Splintex Formulations

Splintex Gold Splintex Gold is
formulated for cold
splints and other indications.
Splintex Silver
Splintex Silver is
formulated for hot splints.
Splintex is a Warranted topical applied with provided leg brush and instructions.


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